In today's era with different generations coming into the workforce, accountability of an individual has reduced towards an organization. In such a scenario how can one make an employer believe that he/she is employable and would prove to be an asset for them following ethical procedures. Ethical HR is a solution created for both the prospect candidates, employees and employers. The aim of this online platform is to integrate the employers and the prospect candidates creating a bond of trust even before a person joins the organization or switches from one organization to another. We aim to incorporate different organizations in the portal, and have them register their employees on the portal. Upon registration and verification, the employee would be provided a badge engraved with a membership number. This would be provided once the employee agrees to follow ethical practises in terms of communicating to the employer. This is a user friendly interface which would certify the person as an Ethical Employee or an Ethical Prospective candidate. This would in turn add more value to the resume of both the prospective candidate and employee thus increasing their chances of employability. This platform will also give an opportunity to the employers to keep a watch on the accountability of an employee, if the employee would go absconding or the prospective candidate does not revert back on his employment the employers would keep a track of such unethical people in the industry. On the whole, Ethical HR will benefit the organizations and its people as well the students looking for employment.

Ethical HR Ideology



The team behind the inception, ideation and realization of Ethical HR

Avinash Kulkarni
Rakesh Khatri
Vatsala Saxena
Project Lead
Aloysius Domnic
Manager Operations


Brig Rajiv Divekar(Retd)
(Director SIMS,Pune)
Dr.Pravin Kumar Bhoyer
(Deputy Director SIMS,Pune)
Ms.Renu Kulkarni
(Head Placements and Corporate Relations,SIMS Pune)
Prof.Dr.Suruchi Pandey
Mr.Shantanu Bhamare
(Director,CMS,HP Enterprises)
Mr.Devendra Nath
(Ex. Vice President Engg. Birla Cement Works)


If you believe you can make a difference, Ethical HR is the place to be...!!